These 25 Questions Are the Proof That The World Still Need to Learn A Lot About Sex

Sex shouldn’t be such a riddle, right?  Everyone would think they know about sex, they know how it is done. People always trying to find more about it by looking for it online and reading about it. Sex is not that simple specially not for many people out in this world.

Humans make it simple than it actually is. There are many questions out there, we have no idea about sex. Yes it’s true. We have no damn idea!!!

We have some proof to show you. There are 25 questions which are totally insane and asked by users online:-

#1 How does he do that?

#2 Don’t know about virginity but she really needs her brain back!

#3 These life – issues, terrible!!!

#4 What is the definition of sleeping, again?

#5 It’s spelled `MASTURBATION’, dude!