10+ Hilarious illustration of Everyday Problems Of Sloths

Sometimes when you’re rushing to the bus stop so you wouldn’t be late for work for the third time this week, you start thinking about how simple life would be if you were a sloth. You could just spend your days sleeping on some branch most of the time, only coming down about once a week do defecate. Kind of sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Well, in theory maybe.


But before we poke fun at these sloths’ amusing traits, here are a few surprising facts about them. Sloths are actually great swimmers despite being clumsy on land. And contrary to popular belief, they only sleep for about ten hours per day. You probably didn’t see that one coming.

Sloths are clearly fantastic animals and we won’t get enough of them. While many of us will agree to this above-mentioned statement, there’s, however, no else who love sloths more than this Japanese Artist – Keigo.

A lot of us have an animal spirit of a sloth and we are proud of it. Don’t cover it, it’s found – sloths have a rather happy, content, and low-stress life. Imagine if a sloth were to live like a human and are subject to doing activities that should not be done over a long course of time.

Japanese illustrator, Keigo, imagined that exactly and drew them in silent comic strips. And they were seriously hilarious but surprising actually looked so similar to some moments we’ve had in life. The sloth has done ironically slow things and he genuinely reminds us of Flash from Zootopia.

You know, the fastest sloth in the whole Zootopia who managed to crack one joke before finishing his task. Amazing, right?
































We hope you enjoy your lazy days while reading these!!