8 Princesses Recreated As Present Day Bad Girls


Disney princesses always seem big-hearted and nice girls with excellent manners. Most of them are teenagers so it’s hard to imagine that they also wouldn’t want to let their hair down and have fun. So let us see how the Disney princesses would look like in today’s world.

#1 Cinderella

The artist was looking to add some sophistication to her look so she turned Cinderella into a handsome fame

#2 Ariel

While we’ve found Ariel to always stand up for her certainty. Despite being the daughter of King Triton, she never thought of living a lavish life.

#3 Tiana

Tiana worked very hard to make her dreams to their destinations. But maybe now is the time for her to lie down and have fun.

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#4 Pocahontas

Pocahontas rebel, who is always ready to fight for her freedom and true love, and with the increasing digital technology and globalization, she will no longer have to ignore John Smith.

#5 Moana

We found Moana to be pretty smart for her age and we’re curious to know how far she’ll go. In the real world, this teenager looks for alternatives and would like to rebel against norms and stereotypes.

#6 Jasmine

Despite her lavish lifestyle, Jasmine never came across as the daughter of a spoiled father and she thinks that this was her job to always be ready for an adventure. Artists portray her as an R&B actress along with a basketball lover.

#7 Rapunzel

Trapped in a tower for most of her childhood, Rapunzel doesn’t mind going crazy after escaping. Her taste for freedom culminated in bold colored hair, tunnel and sleeve tattoos

#8 Belle

Belle is portrayed as a noble princess capable of sacrificing herself in exchange for her father. Her deep love for reading earned her a reputation as a star among the villagers and she is transformed as a beautiful yet bad girl.

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