Artist Illustrates Famous Disney Princesses Going to The Psychotherapist

The universe of Disney is filled with Princesses from different backgrounds and cultures. Many of us have grown up watching Disney movies. Many of us often undeniably fantasized about becoming princes and princesses, residing in a huge beautiful castle and living happily ever after With our loved ones. Didn’t you?  However, as children, we never questioned how princesses would have felt after going through their hardships to finally have their happy ending.

In this light,  Venezuelan Artist Maria Guadarrama decided to explore their mental health and created a series of Disney princesses going to a psychotherapist called Dr. Pink Giraffe. She’s showing us a whole new world by imagining how these Princesses felt having gone challenges to finally a cheerful ending.

Exploring their mental health, Artist Maria recently launched a series hinged on princesses visiting a psychotherapist named Dr. Pink Giraffe, and indeed it’s quite thought-provoking Being a full-time graphic designer, Maria is the creator of the ‘The Unspoken Truth and her illustrations aren’t just hilarious photos but true life philosophies. So here we’ve compiled her latest series and we do hope you enjoy it.

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#1 Ariel

Basically she sold her soul to a demon for some guy she saw on a boat.

#2 Snow White

And then she married a weirdo who kissed her when he thought she was dead. LOL that’s Why I have trust issues.

#3 Rapunzel

After all, the kingdom was named Corona. But what about the problems with washing that long hair though??

#4 Elsa


This picture looks like She farted and thought the therapist wouldn’t notice. LOL.

#5 Cinderella

I can hear sarcasm in his voice. But this is kinda effed up. Or Maybe what’s effed up is how many people think that’s how love is.

#6 Belle

Finely someone said it. I always thought belle was suffering with “Stockholm syndrome “

#7 Aurora

There was none. She was just happy that he was hot xD I mean c’mon the Sleeping Beauty herself has the personality of a plank. B)

#8 Jasmine

And.. she replied I can change him.

#9 Mulan


#10 Elsa

Finally she admit she farted.. Lol well jokes apart But She let it go so much that her sis took her place.