11 Predictive Illustrations By Brazilian Artist For Superheroes and Their Babies

Kids usually adopt what they see around their parents. We usually hear quotes stating as a father as a son and as a mother as a daughter. But this is also true that some people end up being exactly opposite to what their parents are. However, some prove the quotes exactly what is said.

Whatever the case is, babies are generally adorable. Some such examples are here from a Brazilian artist- Lucas Eduardo Nascimento. She has a different approach to presenting father and some relationships. Here in her illustrations, she babies of the superheroes to depict the father-son relationships.

However, through these illustrations, we are pretty sure how DC and Marvel universe babies would be if there. The below examples clearly defines the first meet of superheroes with their children.

So let’s dive deep to know more.

Here is Bat- the Batmans’ Baby boy

Tinkerbell as IronMan’s Baby

The below picture clearly speaks baby should run away and don’t show traits of his daddy.

Spiderman’s sling

Hawkman Lay eggs

The Baby pool is threat to his dad

The newly born knows the usage of tentacles

The sharp Bub.

Cute Baby Fish

It seems like the baby keeps on rolling in the deep.

The baby is inflammable