Popular Disney Characters Get The Manga Treatment

Fans seem to love giving their favorite Disney characters a makeover. Whether it’s crossing them over into different genres or changing the animation styles they love to do it all.

An artist named Angela Vianello took some Disney characters and gave them a makeover in manga style.

She has transformed these characters into even more gorgeous versions of themselves. It is a fresh take on something that everyone knows and loves. She has taken traditional Disney characters like Belle, the Beast, Snow White, Ariel, Eric, and Rapunzel and elevated them by translating them into insanely popular Japanese manga.

Her style, her clean lines, the coloring, the detail, and the facial features are all perfection.

#1 Belle and Beast (Beauty and the beast)

The art depicts the story so beautifully. It captures the essence of the characters.

#2 Alice (Alice and wonderland)

The artwork shows attention to detail. It is so realistic yet artsy that even the caterpillar looks beautiful.

#3 Ariel & Eric (The Little Mermaid)

This one is so attractive and takes the cake of being sensual. It closely resembles to anime.

#4 Peter & Wendy (Peter Pan)

It is so flowy and cute and catches the love between Peter and wendy perfectly.

#5 Snow White (Snow white)

It’s hard not to overdo things when you have so much freedom and talent to explore.

#6 Robin Hood & Maid Mariam (Robin Hood)

#7 Rapunzel & Flynn (Rapunzel)

These illustrations are so beautiful that Disney should make a movie out of these characters. We would love to watch it on the big screen.