Police Fend Off Dozens Of Looters Trying To Steal Cannabis From Crashed Drug Boat

Spanish customs officers intercepted a ship off the coast of southern Spain last Friday, 29 July. They were continuing with investigations and had to stop locals trying to obtain the drugs.

The incident was captured on video. It shows a customs helicopter being forced to fly at ground level on a Sanlucar de Barrameda beach, Cadiz province. This was done to repel a group of people who appeared to be trying to steal from the wreck. It was a scene straight out of the Walking Dead.

Some quick stealers were able to jump under the helicopters in order to grab their stash.

Spanish Customs Office requested the Civil Guard and National Police be called in to assist with the scene. Officials worked tirelessly to stop anyone who tried to ‘pounce’ on the drugs.

Customs Surveillance took to Twitter to express gratitude to their employees. “Congratulations, our colleagues, after an anti-drug operation in Sanlucar, and their decisive actions, managed to intercept the cache of hashish following the boat carrying the drug ran aground on the beach.

Officers did what they could to fend off locals. Credit: CEN

You may wonder why the locals were so quick ‘pounce’ upon the stash if they could get reprimanded. However, it is important to remember that cannabis is protected by a very cloudy section of Spanish law.

The drug is currently not criminalized for personal use in private places, provided that the user has less than 100g.

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Trafficking in drugs is still a serious crime, and you could be charged with up to EUR30,000 (PS25.550).

At one point a helicopter flew so low it got close to ground level. Credit: CEN

Traffickers could face anywhere from three to six years imprisonment.

Spain’s current position is that private use is okay but not selling, with Daniel Viondi, MP, stating, “Recreational consume has nothing to do wit medicinal consumption. This debate is ours to control for the good of all concerned.”

This is it. It seems more plausible why people stormed the boat. However, the owners could face serious penalties.

According to the Spanish National Police, an investigation into the boat’s cargo and contents is ongoing.