Police Called After Woman Takes Too Long In US Takeaway Toilet

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go – but no one expects the police to be banging on the toilet door a few minutes later. But that’s what allegedly happened to one irate customer at a Subway outlet in Washington DC recently.

Dasia Jones was left ‘humiliated’ over the incident. Credit: Jam Press

Dasia Jones found her privacy shattered when local police banged on the door of the toilet and forced her out of the cubicle for ‘taking too long’.

Jones had only gone into the Subway after the zip on her dress broke, and she asked staff if she could use the restroom to have some privacy to try and fix the problem. But she says that only five minutes after this, police were forcing her out of the cubicle, leaving her body exposed to diners.

However, a Subway spokesperson responded by saying that employees had checked on Jones, but having received no response from her, and, concerned for her welfare, called the cops in to help.

Jones recounted her humiliating experience in a Twitter thread that has since gone viral.

Jones took to Twitter to express her outrage, saying: “I was forced out of the bathroom while my breasts are exposed in a crowded Subway. As I am publicly embarrassed and am in tears, my zipper broke and could not be fixed!!”

However, when the cops twigged that Jones was exposed, they said she should be allowed back into the restroom, and then left. But after that, Jones says Subway staff ordered her out of the premises.

Dasia said she’s been suffering from extreme anxiety. Credit: Jam Press

Jones says that after the incident she has experienced mental pain and ‘extreme anxiety’, according to news outlet NTK.

Subway is currently liaising with the franchisee to find out more about what happened.