Artist Sketches Skeleton Versions Of Pokemon And It’s Terrifying

A Japanese media franchise managed by The Pokemon Company, Pokemon is on good terms for many people. Pikachu is the most beloved and famous character that almost everyone is aware of. Can you ever imagine how Pokemon characters would look like if switched to skeletons? Some might look adorable, but some like villains. However, Nicholas Cross wanted to create something for his Pokemon fanbase. And so he illustrated a brilliant Pokemon skeleton. 

Anyone who has the desire to spot the insides of lovable monsters from the Pokemon creation, then this handout is for you. It is nothing less than a treat for Pokemon fans to view the skeletons of their favorite characters. You would love the worlds that these illustrations of Pokemon skeleton versions show. You may get excited to see how something so cute can look horrifying. Scroll down to see some amazing sketches of the Pokemon skeleton. 

Source: Nicholas Cross

#1 Skeleton of Bulbasaur

#2 Skeleton of Charizard

#3 Skeleton version of Totodile

#4 Charmander Skeleton

#5 Skeleton of Charmeleon

#6 Mewtwo Skeleton

#7 Mew Skeleton

#8 Skeleton of Lucario

#9 Haunter Skeleton

#10 Gastly Skeleton

#11 Skeleton version of Gyarados

#12 Weezing Skeleton

#13 Celebi Skeleton

#14 Mudkip 

#15 Croconaw

#16 Lugia Skeleton

#17 Feraligatr Skeleton

#18 Skeleton of Treecko

#19 Duskull Skeleton

#20 Eevee Skeleton

#21 Skeleton version of Umbreon

#22 Greninja Skeleton

#23 Ho-oh Skeleton

#24 Skeleton version of Gengar