Breed Information Guide About Xolos From Pixar’s Coco

Animated films of Pixar let its fans fall in love with new characters. Hence, the talented artists put a significant amount of detail into every scene and character. This detailed illustration makes it the latest hit. The same happens with Xolo, the funky-looking dog. Xolo is a unique dog breed and featured in the famous animated movie ‘Coco’ by Pixar. 

The breed’s name is Xoloitzcuintli and originated in the Nahuatl, which means the dog is the Aztec god of life and death. One of the noteworthy features of this breed is that they have no fur or hair. However, the gene is so dominant that even if the dog is crossbred with a heavily hair-bred breed. The puppies will have no or probably little hair. Since the film went hit, everyone wants to know more about this curious breed of dog. Here below you will get to know all the fascinating facts about these dogs.

Source: Pinterest | Instagram | Disney

#1 The name of the dog is Dante

#2 The breed name is rooted in Aztec

#3 Ancient breed 

#4 This dog’s breed became an icon for the country

#5 Xoloitzcuintli, as per Aztec mythology were companions to the dead

#6 Dogs were sacrificed and buried next to the dead

#7 Missing hair is its unique feature 

#8 Hereditary genetic deformity of the skin

#9 Some breed dogs have little fur

#10 Warm breed