Pixar Adult Scenes That Probably Happened in Famous Disney Movies

Disney’s Pixar Movies are Family-friendly, but there are some scenes and jokes that are only for adults only…

The animators and writers behind the masterpiece of Pixar have consistently kept up that their movies are just as suited to adult audiences as child audiences. On top of portraying deep human stories that connect emotionally regardless of how old you are, the Pixar team also hides innuendos in seemingly family-friendly scenes.

Every Pixar film has a modest bunch of sexual references or adult-oriented scenes that go absolutely unseen by children who don’t get the joke and just serve to delight their folks.

So, here are some Illustrations by artist Paul Westover that probably happened in Pixar animated Disney movies.

Source: Dorkly || Paul Westover || Instagram





Disney And Pixar Movies That’ll Make You Say “Daaaamn”

 Here, it’s in a pattern on his wing.

 In Tangled, the lantern that Rapunzel touches is the same lantern that her parents lit.

Get it? A “buck”?

It’s a reference to binary, a computer language that also only uses ones and zeroes

Red’s Dream, Tin Toy, Knick Knack, and The Adventures of André & Wally B. are just a few.