Comic Artist Envisions A World Where Pixar Movies Are Lifelike

We have always seen that Pixar films are always full of thrill, joy, and colors. They give a lot of entertainment to the people. But what will happen to you all when it becomes real in the film? The famous artist Santiago Esparza, aka Sanesparza posed the same question in his latest series of comics.

This amazing artist Sanesparza tries to give comics lovers something that will make them fall in love with these pictures and they also get inspired by real-life scenarios. Paying close attention to the nuances of art and a distinct style of doing art is very unique as compared to others. His signature humor will make you laugh at every panel. From the realistic woody in Toy Story to the realistic Nemo in Finding Nemo, we get a very hilarious glimpse of how strange it would be for these cartoon dudes to live in the world where we love to live in. You can see some of the artwork by scrolling down and follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter for more information.

#1 Inside Out

#2 Finding Nemo

#3 Coco

#4 The Good Dinosaur

#5 Toy Story 3

#6 Cars 3

#7 Finding Dory