Pills That Trick Your Body Into Falling In Love Are ‘On The Horizon’

A scientist has claimed that drugs could soon be available that could help couples to stay in love or others to find love.

Dr Anna Machin, an anthropologist at Oxford University, claims that drugs that contain oxytocin – nicknamed the ‘cuddle hormone’ as it can replicate the feelings of falling in love in the brain – or even the psychedelic MDMA could be marketed to couples to make them feel more receptive to romance or to help keep the love going in longer-term relationships.

Dr Machin said that drugs such as these could be on sale in the not-too-distant future. “We know enough now about the neurochemistry of love to probably suggest some things you could take your abilities to find love – or to increase the possibility that you will stay in love when it’s getting a little bit tricky.”

Oxytocin could help to boost people’s confidence, which can help when dating and in the initial stages of attraction.

However, Dr Machin, speaking at the Cheltenham Science Festival, admitted that such drugs would raise a lot of ethical questions. She added that it could make a lot of money for commercial drugs providers. “Can you imagine how much money you make?”

Dr Machin believes that such drugs could be on the market within the next decade. “Oxycotin could be available… for people to squirt up their nose before they go out on a Saturday night.”

However, drugs containing MDMA would take longer to bring to market due to some major ethical questions about it.