Pet Groomer Puts an Honest Poster Explaining Why Their Services Cost More Than the Hairdresser

It is very responsible work of taking care of the pet. It is not taking them for a walk or feeding them at the proper time. The master has to keep the proper maintenance of them. This maintenance could be expensive. Many people are fighting against the charges when they go for the grooming process. New masters are not knowing about the process so they have to first clear all their doubts and then start the process. Many of the groomers are placing all the reasons for the high rates. The groomers are providing the facility of full safety to the pet. They will tell you about the risks. Many people used to do all the processes at home but the professional work is better.

#10 your hairdresser would not be cleaning the rear end of your pet

#9 pets should not be kept for 8 weeks without cleaning or brushing

#8 sanitary trim is not given by the hairdresser

#7 ears are not cleaned by the hairdresser

#6 eyes are not cleaned from bogger by hairdresser

#5 you have to sit still till your hairdresser is free

#4 manicure and pedicure are not included in haircut

#3 hairdresser used to clean the fur or hair and even cut them

#2 pets don’t have to bite the hairdresser

#1 your hairdresser is slim and you have to like her.

These are lists that the person or the master has to see before grooming the pet.

Most of the people’s reactions after seeing the lists are as follows.