Vet Angry At So Many People Believing These Pet Breeds Are “Cute” Explains How They Are Not

The UK-based vet surgeon explains how Flat-faced Persian cats face health issues because of their appearance on her Tik Tok video. Not only about Persian cats but to enlighten the people he shared the health issues faced by other famous and popular breeds which we call cute.

These Tik-Tok videos are named “Pets that people think are cute but are not. Those videos helped many pet owners to help their pets by providing proper rest and health support.

In this video, you can see different breeds like Persian flat-faced cats, pugs, and many more. If you also have a pet then don’t miss the image and check whether your pet falls on this list or not and share it with your friends to spread awareness.

#Scottish fold cats


I know what you are thinking, that how this cute and perfectly healthy cat is facing health issues but you are wrong because her folded ears are so heavy due to rubbish cartilage, makes them fall under their weight.

Not only this but cartilage is present in every joint of body and week cartilage gives you joint problems and then they will face problem while standing. We think they are cute yes they are cute but most importantly they are facing painful health issues which they can’t share.

2. Flat faced dog breeds

Pugs, French Bulldog and Black pug all these dog breeds are so adorable but here we will talk about their health issue which they face because their flat face.

As we can see the differnce between normal and flat faced dogs. Due to flat face their nostrils are so tiny due to which they can’t breath properly. We all see cute images of these dogs on internet sleeping with a toy in their mouth but that’s not cute they do it purposely because while relaxing their tissues will collapse and they will suffocate while sleeping.

The other problems are itchy skin, painful dental decay, spinal abnormalities and several eye problems.

3. Munchkin cats

Munchkin cats liked by ever cat lover. But due to their small legs they face problem while walking, running or doing any other physical activity. Ever notice other cats they are so active while playing but Munchkins can’t do it properly and suffer pain while doing it.

These cats have a genetic mutation which makes them different from other domestic cats. Their limbs are flat and smooth but Munchkin cat limb’s are twisted and short. They are facing this pain because we think they are cute but it is not cute it is cruelty.

4. Toad bulldog or exoctic bully

Bulldog hard and tough dog breed but ever wonder what they suffer. Yes they suffer many physical problems the list is too long which will make you realise your mistake instantly. They face elbow dyspalasia, hip dyspalasia, arthirits, completely and utterly preordained.

They even faced problem while walking. In some countries producing these dogs are banned because it is classed as ‘torture breeding’.

5. Flat faced cat breeds

when You compare the skull of normal cat and flat faced cat you can see that how small and tiny nostrils they have which make it really hard to breathe.

Due to less space for teeth they also face dental problem. Brain problems because of misshapen and flat skull.  Sticky and infected skin and their super fluffy thick coat make them so heavy because of it they can’t jump or run fast.

6. Pekingese dogs

Pekingese dogs suffer from all the problems the flat-faced dog breed do like eye and breathing problem, skin infection and dental pain.

They are very vulnerable to heat because of their coat. They mostly enjoy the cold area. We can see the difference between normal dog and pekingese in the X-Ray image. Their heavy coat don’t let them jump or run fast.

Viewers thought

After watching the videos some viewers got emotional and some took their pets to vet. But now they know how to treat their pet correctly which will reduce the pain.