13+ People Who Photoshopped Their Way Into A Life Of Lies

#11 “Saw this post for Ann Summers this morning however was sat giggling at the photoshop attempt in the mirror…”

Are they marketing lingerie at poltergeists?

#12 “Having a ribcage is so last season!”

“They’ve just photoshopped her thigh, turned it upside down and replaced her stomach with it I’m SO SURE.”

#13 “Best giveaway announcement I’ve ever seen.”

Apple are really pushing the boat out with the new model.

#14 “Why are her feet so big?”

Maybe she is leaning really far backwards? This store really screwed this model over with this edit, imagine how angry you would be after the fact!

#15 The whitest teeth in the west.

Some say that his teeth are so white that he gets complaints from nearby airports whenever he gets too close to one.