13+ People Who Photoshopped Their Way Into A Life Of Lies

#6 “I just can’t stop staring at the dark void between her arm and waist”

If you do staring too long into the dark void between her arm and waist then you’ll go insane.

#7 “Those arms and that waist are ridiculous…”

Such a ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

#8 “Someone did a poor job levelling this floor.”

When you look it too long the worst it gets.

#9 “A local school posted photos on their social media about how they are following guidelines. They photoshopped a mask on the teacher’s face.”

I can’t get how people can forget to check their reflection.

#10 Definitely Taken In Paris!

Someone did term this a “Fauxcation” which is a fantastic portmanteau that I will be using at any opportunity going forward.