13+ People Who Photoshopped Their Way Into A Life Of Lies

Photoshop is a tool that can be used to hilarious ends. And people don’t use it unless they know what they are doing and especially when they show their skills on improving face and body.

People got banned from Tinder for the odd reasons to people who forgot about their reflection which tells the truth.

So, here are 13+ people who tried to trick their followers, Tinder matches and failed hilariously.

#1 “Dude got banned From tinder because his match was offended by Photoshop”

Do you also think that she only match with him to get one of these “dolls”?

#2 “I was shopping online when I saw this dress… And those shoulders…”

I don’t get why would they do this?

#3 “Oh Well…”

This is the future of expressing yourself through fashion!

#4 “That is one GIANT ass hand.”

How did she not catch this before posting the photo?

#5 Always Check Your Reflections!

Oh my god!!! He has photshopped her face.