10+ People Clearly Didn’t Do The Math And Others Had To Share It On This Page

Mathematics is not about numbers, equations or algorithms- it is about Understanding. Sometimes we might not understand the logic of math and doing stupid things. So, that’s where Subreddit plays their role. Subreddit has been active for 6 and a half years and it has 24.3k members. Subreddit is all about `They didn’t do the math.

We can improve our skills by practicing. There is nothing to feel genius at math, if we give proper time to it. We can improve ourselves, even we can enjoy it. Push yourself, come out from your comfort zone, there are lots of online courses which help you to sharpen your skills.

Some of the hilarious `They didn’t do the math’ posts are attached below. Check it out!!!

#1 A Penny A Day For A Year Will Get You Nowhere


#2  Not Age Appropriate


#3 Small Brain Moment

#4 Not Sure That’s How That Works

I believe if we give enough time, effort and focus then we can easily reach towards our goal. First we need to `Master the Basics’ of Math.

The reasons of math is not liked by most of us are- difficulty in understanding the subject, poor instruction and demand of more time but if we master the basics with proper time and effort then we can easily make it.

#5 OMG

#6 Centaur Proportions

#7 Tipping Ain’t A City In China

#8 So Close

#9 Ignore The Comment

#10 Ah Yes, Calculation

#11 At least They Tried

#12 Seems Right To Me…

#13 Makes Sense

#14 Seems About Right

#15 Fox Is Making Up Numbers

#16 How Many Trips Back To The Store?

#17 Communicative Property Is Anger

#18 Once A Day For Whole Year

#19 For The 0.01th Times?

#20  Exceeds The Limit

#21 How Do I take Advantage Of This Special?

#22 When Did Free Become So Expensive?

#23 Please Explain… Yes…

#24 Tiktokers Can’t Be This Dumb

#25 Hmm…

#26Valentine’s Day Instant Baby Or That Elusive 4th Trimester Pregnancy

#27 Social Distancing

#28 Wow! What A Great Deal!…wait…

#29 Shouldn’t A Vp At A Mortgage Company Understand How Compounding Internet Works?

#30 What A Deal!