People On The Internet Are Doodling On Snake Pics And The Results Are Hilarious

Snakes always have been seen as one of the scariest creatures on the planet. But not anymore! All thanks to a wise person who on one fine day with his doodle talent decided to change the world’s view towards them. He doodled hands on their pictures which turned out so adorable that a doodle war got started over the internet in which people from all around participated and showcased their crazy doodle talent on the serpent. Now the internet has full of funny collection to laugh at!

Hey! How You Doing?

I Have A Tail To Tell You!

Are You Ready For Some Jazz!

Eh! Where Are My Glasses? How Will I Have My Tea And Read My Book Without It!

Who Ate My Moist Maker

Oh Stop It You…

Ya! The Hillss Are Alive!

Excuse Me! I’m A Shy Snake.

Not Sure!

Parents Reactions After Seeing Exam Results


Want To Have A Body Like Me? Go Gyming!

She Got Knife! Run!

You’re 15 Mins Late, Huh!

Are You Ready To Rock And Roll?

Fist Bump


Yeah Scr*w You Too.

Let Me Take A Quick Shower.

You Want To Fight? I’m Ready.


Don’t Talk To Me.

Yeah! It’s Grass. I Checked.

Harry Snekker

Snek Dab!

Feed Me!