Parents Share The Absolute Lies They Tell Their Kids To Make Life Easier (20 Tweets)

If you want your children to be as honest as you are. then you also need to consider whether it’s worth it for you to implement the same policy for them. Now you will say that no children are crazy. You can also argue that they can also choose strange things to know about it. But it is also up to you how you teach them. You can probably even go ahead and tell them that broccoli is a very small tree. If your saying like this forces them to eat, then it is a great thing.  Through this little lie you are creating the health of the child.

Given below, you will see many such lies that parents have told their children. We cannot even call these lies useless in order to make the right habit of the children. Because after all, only the children are going to benefit from them.

#1 Car won’t start

#2 Seeing his brain

#3 You will, Heather.

#4 TV is napping

#5 Sold out!


#6 Pilot potty check

#7 Sharing daylight


#8 This one makes me sad

#9 Yup, can see, yup.

#10 The lies we tell

#11 Cold toast.

#12 Gotta grow up.

#13 Genius until it wasn’t

#14 Princess food!

#15 RIP baby shark.


#16 Baby cabbages, gone

#17 “Pretend”

#18 Look for a toy

#19 Tooth fairy s allergic to dust

#20 Batteries