30 Parents Share Their Funniest Stories Of Their Kids Outsmarting Them

After reading this article all parents are in terror. They don’t know whether they should appreciate their child or increase the surveillance of cell phones and Ipad. Children of this generation are born tech experts. When it comes to technology and mobile phones, no one is more focused than them. And how can we stop them when every adult is addicted to technology.

In this article, we will see some easy tricks and some mind-blowing hacking. But all the stories and incidents will amaze you. this article will make you confused whether your child is really that innocent or he is just acting. Ed O’Loughlin the writer of this article on Twitter first tricked by his child then he posted it on Twitter and asked for everyone to share their experience.

Let’s see the article and always remember children follow parents, so stop your mobile addiction and spend your time with them.

1. Some parents do it intentionally

2. This child is monitoring his mother, opposite from normal

3. Unique talent

4. Easiest trick to get the password

5. Mummaa Keep sleeping

6. Many of us don’t know about Admin access

7. I can’t even remember by own ATM Pin

8. I think we all did this

9. Brilliancy has no age limit

10. Sibling teamwork

11. Quite weird

12. There is always a way

13. Children don’t take any notes

14. She was insane

15. Please answer

16. Craze for Peppa Pig

17. Necessity is the mother of the invention

18. Efficient use of the old device

19. What these children are eating?

20. 2 Brains, double IQ

21.  Last level of intelligence

22. Bow to you girl

23. Don’t try it guys

24. These children are made differently

25. Can’t wait

26. I don’t know we can do that

27. Boss Baby is everyone favorite