A Mom’s 20 Hilarious Parenting Comics That Are Totally Relatable

A mother’s job is taxing, exhausting and it’s rewarding too. You will never be able to retire from until they decide to move out. The initial years of a baby’s life are usually hectic, chaotic and physically exhausting on parents and especially moms.

French mom Héloïse Weiner shared her motherhood journey by making comics about her parenting life. Artist mostly shares her comics in French but recently she transformed them into English so more people can enjoy them.

Source- Instagram

#1 They don’t want a lot of things.

#2 Son, I can’t conjure things.

She lives in the UK with her big family of eight people including six children. She stared making and posting her comics when she had her second child. Family also welcomed their new member to this world a few weeks ago!

#3 Saying ‘no’.

#4 Child: I can get ready on my own!

#5 Girl, why do you do that?

#6 The lack of sleep is real.

#7 Strategy tantrum-till-I-get-it.

#8 Kids really act like they’re forgetful 60-year-olds sometimes.

#9 Give me your most normal smile, child!

#10 Huh, easy for you to say.