30 Painfully Relatable Comics About Family Life That Are So Bad, They’re Hilarious

If you want to write and draw something artistic with no art skills, so how will you do that? How will you make your point?. Well, James Breakwell is the best example of this. So, artist James is a comic artist, and his work shows you don’t need any special art skills to make your point. He is an artist and moreover, he is an amateur father of four girls ages nine and under. So, James created a comic series based on family life named Unbelievably Bad Web-comic. And this series can make you sad because this comic is very relatable and hilariously sad. Therefore, we are sure after reading this comic every parent will see it achingly relatable.

So, James is a professional comedy writer with no creative artistic experience. James says that he get so much inspiration from stick dolls at the entrance to a public restroom for his comic appearance. Artist James can’t paint at all. But he tries and constantly works to be consistently faulty in the same things every day.

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Image source: James Breakwell


Image source: James Breakwell

Artist James started this comic series because he wanted to crack the fun he usually couldn’t tell on Twitter or anywhere. His comic series let him be *a little more out there*. So, James thinks he can draw his kids with flamethrowers without anyone reporting him to CPS. Moreover, the fun thing is, in his comics, his girls never get aged. And that’s funny right.

Moreover, James’ series reflects the daily experiences and adventures of a father, mother, four children, and two pet piglets.

So, his girls are the opening point for almost all of his fun. Even if they don’t actually ride wolves or eject each other from weapons. At least, we wish they don’t. Well, so everybody’s children are weird in their own ways, and Jams comics celebrate that. Therefore, anyone who declares they have normal kids is lying, or maybe, they are delusional.


Image source: James Breakwell




























Image source: James Breakwell