18 Painful Truths About Having Long Hair (by Cassandra Calin)


Big hair plays the most role in a beautiful body. Because of the big hair, nowadays people wear the desired get up. But we have also seen that sometimes big hair can also cause trouble. Because of these problems, the talented artist Cassandra Calin has illustrated the painful truth of having long hair.

Through this artwork, the artist has tried to show what kind of trouble their character is stuck in because of the long hair. You will be able to see that a hairbrush is full of hair and it is telling how many hairs are broken. In the second picture you will be able to see that while making hair, a woman is also making her body. In one of the pictures, you will be able to see that the woman has used her long hair as a scarf on her face. Now more curiosity must have arisen in your mind to see this artwork. You can also share this artwork with any of your friends. You will be very happy to see this artwork. So now end your wait and enjoy this artwork by scrolling down.




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