Artist Injected New Life Into Old Disney Movies Scenes Through Painting

Some of the famous Disney movies look old as heck and the audience may lose interest to watch them again. However, if someone gives an iconic Disney movie a painting makeover, then you will fall in love with those movies again. Tyson Murphy is a talented artist who has done brilliant work with his creative mind. He brought his unique style to the viewers with his Disney-themed project that includes classic movies screenshots. 

Thanks to Murphy that one can see overlooked Disney classics through fabulous art. He has painted those Disney movie scenes and gave a new life into the art that can entertain Disney fans. From designs demonstrating scenes in beloved Disney films like Beauty and Beast, to glamorous and iconic characters, these makeover displays how innovative Disney fans can get. The use of delicate colors and details takes such a standard animation to astonishing levels. Scroll down to see some of his amazing work.

source: Tyson Murphy

#1 The Sword in the Stone

#2 101 Dalmatians

#3 Robin Hood

#4 Come on, take your friends

#5 Max- Comic Murphy made of his son

The creative work by Tyson Murphy truly looks to cross numerous platforms and posses the ability to encourage many Disney fans. His work is worth looking further into and appreciate his talent.