30 Offbeat Comics That Will Go Unexpected With Dark Endings

In this harsh pandemic time art has managed to unfold itself by being necessary and highly precious part of a person’s life. A full-time web developer, Alan from the United States is a part-time artist behind Super Combo Deluxe webcomics who shares his artwork on social media with his audience. His illustrations about unannounced, unsightly conditions are not only interesting but incredible too.

Since childhood, Alan has been so possessed with creating comics and it’s his passion which stuck through art school into adulthood. Alan felt unfulfilled creating someone else’s creations and improved his random yet offbeat comics.

Alan’s inspiration comes from everyday life’s situations and he has 800+ followers on Instagram. His comics undoubtedly unexpected, hilarious situations for audience’s entertainment. So, we have collected his newest illustrations for you. Have a look!!!

Source:- Instagram



“One day, while watching a Loading Artist stream on Twitch, I started thinking how fun it would be fun to create a comic. The rest is history. I started out by drawing the comics and showing them to my close friends, who pushed me to keep going. Eventually, I started posting them online—first my website, then social media,” Alan explained.



“My inspiration usually comes from everyday life. I’ll be doing something completely normal and go off on these wild tangents, creating a story from the weirdest outcomes my choices might create. On the other hand, if I’m really struggling for inspiration, I’ll usually read some other comics I follow. It’s really uplifting to see the different views and perspectives that come out of some comics. Seeing an effortless joke executed perfectly just gets the creative juices flowing and pushes me to try harder, ” Alan told.