New Stranger Things fan theory – is Eddie actually 010?

With excitement building before the final episodes of season four of NetFlix’s smash hit Stranger Things drop, fans have been speculating about potential plotlines.

Warning: contains plot spoilers! Don’t read on if you don’t want to know what has happened!

One of the biggest to go viral is the theory that new fan favourite Eddie Munson is, in fact, 010 – another test subject in the Hawkins lab alongside Eleven.

The charismatic leader of the Hellfire Club has been a sensation since he debuted this season, with a major plotline revolving around him. He is being hunted by the cops as they believe he murdered Chrissy Cunningham in his home. Of course, the real culprit is Vecna, but convincing the local police that a supernatural monster is behind a killing is tricky.

Stranger Things 4: Eddie Munson theory goes viral. Picture: Netflix

But fans believe there is more to Eddie: and he could have spent time in the lab with Eleven when he was younger. They point to certain clues, such as referencing having ‘buzzed hair’ in his younger days – something the children trapped in the lab have.

In addition, Eddie is never without a watch on his left wrist – could it be covering a tattoo of a number?

A third point is that 010’s face is never seen when other test subjects are killed – so he could have escaped the lab.

Then there is the passing likeness between the two characters, and how Eddie seemingly wasn’t surprised when he finds out that Eleven has powers – although given how he’d seen a person killed by a monster, someone having supernatural abilities probably doesn’t rank more than a ‘meh’.

Are these theories correct? You’ll be able to find out when the second volume of Stranger Things season four drops on July 1.