Mysterious figure caught on camera baffles US city

There are various mysterious figures that have been caught on camera over the years, and now there is a new one that is baffling people caught on a surveillance camera in the US.

Officials in the city of Amarillo have released footage captured by security cameras at Amarillo Zoo that shows an unidentified humanoid figure lurking inside a perimeter fence in the dead of night.

The figure was spotted sometime later when zoo staff reviewed the images taken by the camera and neither they nor city officials, have been able to work out what it is. They have now released the pictures to see if the wider public can solve the mystery.

Unsurprisingly, suggestions have flooded in – some serious, some not so serious. One of the most common guesses is that it is a man dressed in a costume. Its feasible, but it asks the question of who are they, how did they get into the zoo and what were they doing there at 1.25 am?

Others have pointed to American legends, such as the Chupacabra, which is said to attack and drink the blood of animals.

Sci-fi fans have also weighed in, pointing out its likeness to the Demogorgon, the monster from season one of Nexflix’s Stranger Things.

Having studied the image for a while, we don’t know what it is either. What do you think? And have you seen anything like this – other than in your nightmares?