Mother of 22 children speaks of loneliness after millionaire husband arrested

A mother of 22 children under two years of age has spoken of her anguish and loneliness since the arrest of her husband.

Christina Ozturk with some of her children. @BATUMI_MAMA/ZENGER

Kristina Ozturk, 24, has been left to handle all the children – 21 are surrogates – on her own after millionaire husband Galip was detained by police in Georgia.

Kristina Ozturk with husband Galip (Image: batumi_mama / Instagram)

Galip, 57, is suspected of laundering money and providing false documents. He is also wanted by police in his native Turkey over a murder committed in 1996, for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment, in 2018.

Now Kristina, despite being with all those children, has taken to Instagram to bemoan her feelings of loneliness since her husband was taken into custody.

Kristina Ozturk and husband Galip have 22 surrogate children (Image: batumi_mama / Instagram)

Along with a montage of pictures Kristina said that she was used to her husband always being at home – he worked from home too – and that they always spent time together in the day and, once the children were in bed, would talk in the evenings. If they were apart, they would spend hours on the phone together.

“I can’t stand silence, I can’t stand his absence, I can’t sleep and wake up alone, I can’t see his empty workplace … I don’t see his smile, I don’t hear his voice, I don’t feel his hugs. It’s unbearable,” she wrote in a post.

Kristina Ozturk with husband Galip Ozturk

The one thing that keeps her going is the letters they write to each other, although she hates the delays in communication that having to send them by post brings.

However, Kristina isn’t quite alone – she has the assistance of 16 live-in nannies to help with the childcare.

Nannies help to look after Kristina Ozturk’s 22 surrogate children

She is now hoping that Galip will be released and they can continue towards their ambition to have 105 children in all.