Simple Comics That Perfectly Illustrate The Different Ways Moms and Dads Are Treated in Public

Whether we like it or dislike it, but social stereotypes are seen everywhere in us. And now parenting has not been a topic that has survived the concept.‌ Whenever we are out in public places parents are treated very differently. This is not a topic that gets raised again and again but has been featured on babble, this is what we wanted to know in the featured comics series. This simple comic refutes that simple thing by talking to the parents so nicely. Its popularity has become so high that it has been shared more than fifty thousand times on social media.

And if you are also from the category of parents then you might understand that what you are looking for and how relatable they are to you. So have a look at all these as you are not alone.

#1. Hair Cut

#2. At the doctor office

#3. Moms have lives too!!

#4. Complicated for Mom

#5. Why only dad is hero??

#6. Solid Advice! Shed some positivity.


#7. Moms are unique individuals!!

#8. Dads is being dad and mom is being mom!!


#9. Wait, dads can hold the baby?!

#10. Dad should also do the bathroom duty!!