Mom Spent Over £50k Covering Body With Tattoos Of Her Son’s Favorite Superheroes

Juliane Förster is a 33-year-old woman who gets called ‘disgusting’ because of the tattoos she has all over her body. But the German mother-of-two shows her tattoos off proudly because they are of her son’s favorite comic book characters. She is from Oberndorf, Germany, and has actually spent £50k for her superheroes-inked body.

She shared her experience, “Not everyone likes tattoos and some people have told me that they think my tattoos are ‘disgusting,’ which is a shame because I think they are wonderful, but I can handle that.”

Juliane shared that she was inspired by her firstborn son, Constantin’s favorites.

She got her first tattoo at the age of 18.

On her body aren’t just cartoons, but also portraits of live-action of these characters, such as Joker that was portrayed by Heath Ledger. Her left leg is particularly adorned with the Avengers team in colored ink.

Almost her whole body is filled with tattoos now, aside from her face. She revealed, “I have covered my entire body in tattoos, but still have one small free space on my right buttock, which will be covered at some point.”

Juliane also clarified that it was her eldest son, not her youngest, that made the requests.

“When my son was three years old, he wanted me to get his favorite comic book heroes tattooed on me,” Juliane told the story. “I love to watch the comic book movies with my son and can’t wait to introduce my youngest son, Connor, and step-son Tyler to all the superheroes when they are older. You are simply never too old for them.”

She doesn’t regret spending so much on the quality tattoos to fulfill her son’s request, “With the amount I’ve spent, I could certainly have bought a nice car, but my tattoos are wonderful and mean so much to me.”

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In her small town where she lives with her now 15-year-old Constantin, 2-year-old Connor, and stepson Tyler, 5, tattoos are not common. Her appearance can often surprise people, but she’s okay with that.

“The world is changing, and I hope that attitudes towards body art will continue to change too,” she said.

She’s received many comments from being told that the tattoos were “over the top” to “really great.”