Mom Hits Back At People Trolling Her ‘Unedited Photos’ With Cellulite And Stretch Marks

First of all, congratulations to Sarah Nicole Landry for welcoming her fourth child back in January! Sarah’s baby girl, Lemmie, was born through water immersion. The Canadian mom and blogger actively share her pregnancy and parenting journey, often writing about how magical, raw, and beautiful motherhood is for her. But amidst the magic, there’s always that party pooper whose unsolicited opinions really hurt.

Sarah shared a picture with screenshots of hateful comments on her stretch marks and postpartum body.

Really, do we need to bodyshame mothers now?

The comments range from asking her to hit the gym ASAP to telling her not to wear the bikini anymore because she is already a mother. Sarah said, “For a week I’ve been having to deal with comments around me wearing this bikini.”

Sarah said that commentators would ask her to ‘get a tummy tuck’ and called her ‘lazy’ and ‘disgusting.’

She explained why this post was necessary, “We have to show that this is completely normal for a body to transition to after children OR even without children.”

“The conversation cannot be to just hide until you’re acceptable enough and then show up.”

The Pink Papaya app owner often talks about how anxiety had been the biggest hurdle on her first pregnancy.

The mother shared that her third pregnancy had been her hardest one yet. While a decade ago, she used to work out a lot to get back in shape after having her first baby, she’s now chosen to embrace herself instead.

“For many of us, we know that pouch way too well and self-criticize far too often about how our bodies carved out,” she wrote in another post. She also wrote a funny edit on a picture of her own ‘pouch’ that reads: No one gives kangaroo mamas flack for still having a pouch after carrying their child, so stop giving yourself flack for it!

“When they say I have no self-respect, I see they have no respect for me.”

The viral post of a close-up on her stretch marks and tummy sack had been liked more than 278k times. Multiple people praised her for being so open as she spoke on behalf of all other moms out there. One wrote, “Forever grateful for your words, stories, and mission for women.”

Another wrote, “Thank you for being such a solid voice in this space to encourage so many of us.”

Sorry, not sorry! Sarah reminds people that the hate comments don’t define them.

The empowering post continued, “When they end it with that I’m just disgusting, I know they lost out on the best parts of me.”

And to answer the people that told her to hide or get a tummy tuck, she continued, “So yeah. That’s a no from me.”