The artist illustrates modern society’s moral problems in 14 Gritty Sketches

Pavel Kuczynski is a famous artist and he hails from Poland. He loves cartoon drawing and has used his amazing creativity and expertise in his art in a different way. His artwork has also been liked by the people. Artifacts make them laugh and entertain. He keeps more focus on humor in his artwork and his style makes his place among the people, he displays humor in his different styles through comics. How much trouble people have suffered during this pandemic and how much damage has been done to our culture is very broken, says the author. And in the time of this epidemic, instead of art, electronics are becoming the center of attraction for people. People are spending most of their time through this, while everyone knows that it is the biggest reason for depression, yet people ignore it and are playing with their health.

People now have to decide between right or wrong and also understand which form of entertainment is right for them and their health because electronic items are their means of entertainment but the reason for obesity is also the same.‌ For more information follow the artist on Instagram and scroll down to see his latest artwork.