Model Uses Her Instagram Account To Show Off Her Real Body

We all are aware about society’s obsession with body image. We all have at least a friend who can’t upload a photo on social media without editing. On social media people keep posting their best version but we need to remind that their versions might not always be the honest.

#1 Karina Irby is a model and the owner and designer behind Moana Bikini.

This 28- year- old made her goal in 2018 to normalize eczema, a skin condition she suffers from, in her business and personal photos.

#2 Karina share her photos with her 1 million followers!!!

Her unedited photos are the inspiration of many women as she regularly post pictures of her stretch marks, cellulite and eczema.

#3 Take this before-and-after photo

#4 Karina has also been brutally honest when it comes to dealing with her eczema.

Karina shared that it took her years to get the courage to show off her legs due to the scarring on her skin.

#5 Now, she is leading the way for others who have this condition and struggle with it.

She is motivating her followers and feel them more comfortable by posting her honest pictures.

#6 Her future hubby is also a big advocate.

See this pair lookin so cute and confident on the beach.