Disney and Pixar Movies Details You Probably Have Missed

Pixar and Disney studios are well-known for involving clever details in their movies. Sometimes these details are known as a secret message, image, an intentional joke, hidden feature, or easter eggs within the movie. Sometimes these are sneaky things that one would not notice at first. There are lots of conspiracy theories about old Disney and Pixar films like Toy Story. A true fan will know that almost every movie has hidden references that can easily escape your attention while watching for the first time.

Some details are appropriate and can make you smile, and some are a bit on the grown-up humor side of things. Whatever they are, these kinds of details let you spot something new each time and thus make these movies much fun to watch. Look at the details in Disney and Pixar movies that you might have missed during the first watch, but can make you rewatch now.

Black marks on Dory’s dad looks like a thinly populated hairline

#2 King Nedakh acquired on for the team in Atlantis

#3 Judy Hopps always looks both ways 

#4 Wall-E makes a daring environmental statement

#5 Ellie is in her hospice bed

#6 Inhuman Resources department in Mosters Inc.

#7 Phone number spells as ‘SUPRHRO’

#8 Konami Code as the passcode to a secret safe