9 + Illustrations from a medical student who have taken the step of making comics


Amy Revives is a med student who dreams to see herself as a cardiologist at the age of 23.‌ But she is in love with art and she doesn’t forget to paint at all. Two years ago, Amy thought to re-enter this field and she came back into it again. She started looking for themes for her comics that would get her daily. Her paintings influenced the people a lot and her paintings also became very popular among the people.

This talented artist never thought that she would be so popular among the people. Influenced by her art, more than a million people have become her fans. The inside of her comic book covers everything from tasting new recipes, to what’s going on in her pet cat’s mind. This talented artist wants her comics to help people forget the struggles in their lives. She feels like even if it affects their hormones for a moment that’s great. So get ready to witness some of her recent work that we have shown below.

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