7 Terrifying Cures From Medical History That’ll Make Your Skin Crawl


This world is still a terrible place for people and is full of inhuman acts. Especially the medical field where people keep doing strange experiments with their patients. The doctors that time must who do not follow the guidelines should be sent to jail. Even educated people were not that much developed to understand that there is a certain way to do things. Not every experiment that comes to the mind of a doctor should be done on a human being. But are you deprived of it that in the 18th century, doctors used to suffocate their patients to save them? Yes, they used to experiment on their patients to cure them of any disease. But what about the patients? Why didn’t they say anything? This is because the people were naive and they trusted educated people blindly thinking that they are equal to god. These inhumane medical acts can send shivers down your spine. So if you want to witness some of them, just scroll down.

#1 Would you like to be suffocated to avoid pain?

The doctors were very sad and strange in the old times. Their way of thinking may baffle you. Due to a lack of guidelines, they could do anything at that time.

#2 Masses of undigested material

When humans were trying to figure out how their body worked their theories were not justified because they didn’t even have enough resources

#3 Drawing blood with leeches!

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In ancient times, doctors in Egypt started using leeches in medicine to cure dental problems and skin problems. And whenever he had to stretch the blood, they would use it.
#4 Bloody criminals…

Imagine that your doctor is asking you to drink a man’s blood to treat epilepsy.

#5 Poor sinners’ fat

It is officially confirmed that people who died in the past were full of superstitions. People born today are very lucky, they are not eating the face of a dead person.

#6 Ate corpses into rarity

Did they not have enough plants for medicine and why did they have to resort to dead people for treatment.

#7 Ingesting poop for a cure

How the doctors concluded that they thought eating the feces of a healthy person could work, thankfully, the doctor thought of it as a possibility.



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