These Marvel Movie Moments Were Unscripted Accidents That Just Worked Perfectly

Started a decade back, the Marvel cinematic universe still enthralls people with its best quality and popularity. It also includes many of the best artists, due to which its popularity is increasing. In this journey of this popular comic book, we have met many popular and capable actors and actresses who have played their characters well. Due to their hard work, this comic book has reached such heights and everyone wants to see how many more characters will come next.

If you have not seen some new movies of this series, then you will get to know about the spoiler through this.

#1 The Snake Story

#2 Robert Downey Jr.

#3 Touchy-Touchy

#4 Get help!!

#5 Big Hugs

#6 Quit Monkey-ing around

#7 Naked Alien

#8 Bitch, please.

#9 Salutations

#10 Sharing is Caring

#11 War Chants

#12 Breaking Character? Enhancing the film.

#13 A little humor goes a long way.

#14 We know each other!!

#15 I, too, love Coffee..

#16 Gamora

#17 He’s got jokes

#18 The Last Line

#19 Tony Stark’s ENTIRE Death Scene

#20 Queen Bee

#21 Last, but certainly not least

Hope you enjoyed watching all these. Let us know which moment is your favorite by commenting down.