Man buys wife expensive gift to apologise after recognising Mia Khalifa in their hotel

When you are a man on your honeymoon, you should only be focusing on your bride – and certainly not a famous media star and ex-porn actress who you happen to spot and text your friends about. But if you do, be prepared to make an expensive apology!

Lya Mariella’s new husband got a bit too excited when he spotted Mia Khalifa in Paris while on their honeymoon. Credit: TikTok/@lyamariella

This was the case for TikToker Lya Mariella’s new husband, who spotted Mia Khalifa – now a social media star but arguably still best known for her days in the adult movie industry – when they were out in Paris.

The groom apparently got very excited about this chance spot, and started to text his male friends about it, according to a video a rather disgruntled Lya uploaded to Tiktok.

Mia herself reached out and said the husband owes his new wife a Birkin bag. Credit: TikTok/@lyamariella

But the story took an unexpected turn when Mia not only saw the video, but commented on it – saying he owed her a Birkin for his behaviour.

To the uninitiated, Birkin is a brand of very expensive handbag – you’re going to shell out at least £5,000 if you want to own one.

However, Lya’s evidently contrite husband took the comment seriously and took his wife to pick out a bag of her choice.

The pair met up and performed a TikTok skit. Credit: TikTok/@lyamariella

A little later, Lya uploaded another video of herself with the handbag – and Mia! It was filmed, of course, by her husband. “What a time to be alive,” said Lya in the video, as she hugged Mia.

The pair also produced a skit on TikTok of Lya looking annoyed before her husband presents the Birkin.

So it seems Lya has forgiven her husband, but then if someone has just bought you a present worth thousands, you’d forgive them too!