Artist Reimagined Male Superheroes As Pin-Up Models And His Artworks Are Gaining A Lot Of Traction

Artist David Talaski- Brown based in Oregon, Portland was generally playing in MS Paint for such a long time. Art was only a hobby for him. He has been drawing and sculpting for a long duration. He also did some personal projects for entertainment.

David joined the animation program at Art Institute of Portland. That majorly focused on 2D animation. In the end, he switched his career from animation to making art for video games in a studio. He did a illustration series where the basic concept is converting male superheroes into pinup models, which is attached below. Have a look!!!

Source:- Instagram

Here is David and his chihuahua!

#1 Aquaman

#2 Iron Man

#3 Loki

#4 Thor

#5 Caption America