Photographer Shares Behind-the-Scenes Peek at How His Magical Photos Begin

Behind the curtains of some amazing photographs shared by the photographer.

A perfect photo requires lots of hard work, experience, and skills. Photographer’s creativity is very important for a photograph. If he wants he can change a normal photo into an amazing photograph. For us, it is an effortless photograph but when we think from a photographer’s point of view we will understand that how tough it is. The photographer clicks a photo that doesn’t satisfy the model but satisfies himself.

In this article, we shared some masterpieces of Ibor Edosa VictorHe is really a brilliant and skilled photographer. He clicked some extraordinary photos without any settings or very few settings. This was a tough task for him but he took it as a challenge.

After winning the award based in Lagos, Nigeria, Victor shared some tips for young and new photographers or anyone who is interested in this field. He said  “My advice to young photographers like myself or aspiring photographers,” he tells My Modern Met, “is to stop chasing money and fame, those are the rewards of creativity.” He wants the photographer must focus on his creativity and skills and other things like fame and money will come automatically to him.

He added in his statement that “All you need is the consistency to make your craft more beautiful and bring your imagination to reality.”

When you will see the behind-the-curtains of those images you will be amazed. He transformed the normal image of a girl into a fairy tale. You can’t even imagine behind the scenes of such photographs. We must bow to his imagination skills.


It is just a sample when you will see other images you will be shocked. Without wasting more time we will directly move to those images.