An Artist Illustrate 12 Ludicrously Candid Sketches That Talk Better Than Words

Pictures talk better than words. They say you can tell a thousand-word story with a single picture and that’s what this amazing artist believes. And this is the concept he used in his artwork illustrations.

Artist Yuval Robichek is a very creative and sharp-minded artist. He knows exactly what his artwork talks about. His illustrations are so unusual and unrealistic but strange and downright. he delivers stories and jokes through pictures.

He’s based in Tel Aviv-Yafo and works as an illustrator for various magazines, books, Murals, fashion, and TV projects. he studied “Humor in Arts” at the School of Visual Arts. New York. And His artwork has been exhibited in Tel Aviv and Brussels and has been featured in various publications such as Forbes, VICE, Time Out amongst others.

In his spare time, he uploads his best illustrations on his IG and has gathered thousands of followers. Scroll down and check out some cool downright stories. And don’t forget to support the artist.

To Know More: Instagram | Yuval Robichek

#1 Tying a love affection

#2 Satisfying her

#3 Happy anyway

#4 Interpret the label

#5 Pandemic date

#6 Falling for you

#7 Classic gone modern

#8 A clear city

#9 In peace, At night

#10 The fairytale hard work

#11 Pandemic love

#12 Same old Same old