‘Loving Reaper’ Comics Artist Just Released A New One Of Orcas In Captivity

Meet Jenny Jinya, an artist who is famous for her animal brutality comic series. Since the start, she spread so much information and raised awareness to stop animal savagery. She designed her first-ever- comic about the black cat, which went viral, and that time it was so popular. But due to valetudinary opinions of people about black cats her series excluded. People still think that they bring bad luck.

So, her first comic went viral and was translated into numerous lingoes. And this thing gave her so much inspiration. And She inspired and thought that creating these comics could be a way to contact an even greater audience to save animals. She wanted to convey the information to more people.

She has thousands of supporters on multiple social media platforms. And the number of campaigns she expands through her comic series is worth changing the core of a set of human beings. Again, are you tense about the ominous states of the oceanic world?. Well, someone is.

From attracting people’s awareness to many concerns as possible to rescue so many wild animals, She now spreads her wings to giant animals of the sea. Orcas.

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#1 A heart-wrenching story of a kidnapped Orca who spent his life in captivity.