These Behind-The-Scenes Photos Show How Photographers Use Lighting To Capture The Perfect Shot

We saw photoshoots of many actors and celebs every day. We appreciate their looks and physiques but we forget to applause the cameraman and the lightman’s efforts. Who gives their best to click a perfect shot. Lighting is the key to a beautiful photoshoot.

1PX.VN the Vietnamese photography site. They compiled all these beautiful images in a story to show how the cameraman uses light to shoot a mind-blogging picture. In these images, they explained brilliantly how to use light. Emerging photographers can take some notes from this article.

Check the whole article and try these tutorials for better images. These will not disappoint you.

1. Water & Light effect


2. Burger is quite tricky


3. Waterdrops and Colored candy looking stunning


4. Low light shoot


5. Either way it looks delicious


6. The Position of light makes a huge difference


7. Requires alot of efforts


8. Normal to charming

9. Dual light effect


10. Tri colour light effect


11. Classy


12. Bounce light


13. Different angles of light and their results

14. Fake shadows


15. Product shoot

16. Easy background


17. Photoshop and light effect


18. Shoot in car


19. Dark background in day light


20. Coffee shoot


21. Night and light


22. Looking totally different

23. Jewellery shoot


24. It’s beautiful when everything merged


25. Aaaahhh!! delightful