20 Images That Show Why Letter Spacing So Important

A misplacement between words and letters—or a lack of appropriate space—can make or break the most so eloquent text. Sometimes this happens due to human error. So Other times it depends on the “kerning” settings on your computer. Kerning is the process of spacing, and some computer typefaces do it automatically while others don’t do it at all.

Spaces may technically be invisible, but because of this their power is no less great. So  we Compiled, the pictures below will hopefully remind you just how harmful — and how funny — mis spacing can be. So Don’t forget to comment for the best!

#1 Pics with your exie be like

Something Might Be So Off About The Kerning.

#2 Happy Birthday client

It Was My Cousin Clint’s Birthday, And His Mother-in-law Reminds Us Why Kerning Is So Importance.

#3 This album is going down the toilet

So I Think That’s What You Call A Typography Fail.

#4 Why software developers shouldn’t work alone

So Real Smooth Gigabyte…

#5 I think i’ll go straight to lunch

Breakfast Butz. So start Your Day Off With A Kick In The Ass (by An Eagle)

#6 Move over ” Netflix & Chill”

#7 Through the back door please

#8 King King’s in town

#9 Fits ok, not great!

#10 Do it for Ted’s sake

#11 Never abbreviate ‘association’

#12 Jumbo meal

#13 Designed by an Xbox fan

So The Letter Spacing On The Sony Website Should Probably Be Revised

#14 Big date coming up?

This Is Why Kerning Is So Important.

#15 That’s nice! where else can I use it?

So I Don’t Think I Would Trust This Colza Oil,

#16 Best Seller

Ellie Goulding’s Latest Song,

#17 Sweat it out

#18 Haircut for the lonely

Traditional Barber Shop

#19 For all your insurance needs

So Erm? No Thanks…

#20 Everything Must go

So Worst Clearance