Leonardo Di Caprio’s Girlfriend Camila Morrone Hits 25 and Everyone Makes The Same Joke

Twenty-five is a milestone birthday for many people – a quarter century – but now Leonardo Di Caprio’s girlfriend, Camila Morrone, has hit that mark, the Internet is making the same joke, fearing the relationship is heading towards its end. 

Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend turned 25 and people are worried for their relationship (Image: REX)
Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend turned 25 and people are worried for their relationship (Image: REX)

Di Caprio has become known over the years for seemingly only dating women under the age of 25. Well, that and being a great actor who has appeared in a string of Hollywood hits. Given that Di Caprio is now much closer to his own half century, it makes for much comment. 

Camila just turned 25 this week

So, inevitably, now that model Morrone has reached that mark, cynics are suggesting Di Caprio might seek to trade her in for a younger model. 

One wit on Twitter posted a picture of the pair captioning it as ‘It’s the final countdown’. The tweet received more than 21,000 likes, with many of the comments riffing on the same joke, such as expressing ‘thoughts and prayers are with her’.

However, in reality, there is no sign of any such break-up forthcoming. Di Caprio and Morrone have been dating since 2017 and, in public at least, seem to be a happy couple. Morrone certainly seemed happy in her Insta post on the day, and she received many more wishes of ‘happy birthday’ than snarky jokes. 

People on the internet made the same joke (Image: WireImage for Vanity Fair)

This is thought to be Di Caprio’s longest relationship – he’s dated a string of beautiful and famous women over the many years he has been in the public eye – so who knows? Maybe she is the one for him and he’ll finally settle down. 

The two have been dating since 2017 (Image: John Sheene/Ace Pictures/Shutterstock)