Guy Asks For Legal Advice After Saying He Doesn’t Want To Be A Father Anymore

Being a parent is indeed much more than getting pregnant or having a child. This is a very difficult task in the world, which many people cannot even imagine. That is why the happiness of becoming a parent is also called the greatest happiness in this world. But many times when you do not realize what you are doing then this process can be very heavy on you.

Recently strange humanity has asked for legal advice. They have said what to do with the child they originally wanted but no longer have. Many people have also given them various advice through their posts. Many of this advice may prove to be effective for them as well. But many users have also given them the knowledge that in such a situation how wrong he was when he ended it all.

We would like to say that if you are unable to do any work, then please do not give birth to a child. Because raising a child is a very responsible job. And it is not for everyone to fulfill this responsibility successfully. You can read such a post by scrolling down.

#1 The original post begins:



#2 Naturally, the responses started rolling in and Reddit definitely let him have a piece of their mind.



#3 Oh how the tables have turned.


#4 Everyone was on Team Mom.


#5 Paying 125% is impressive.


#6 They even gave him the legal advice he wanted.


#7 Hopefully, he got this through his head.