20 Hilarious Pictures Of Kids Before And After First Day Of Their School

From donning backpacks, wearing new dresses and meeting new friends to ending up the day with some harrowing experiences is what the first day of school is all about. Well, we all had passed that phase, and we know how it feels. It’s funny for us now to laugh at those memories. But for these kids down below seem the toughest journey of their lives has just started.

We feel for you kids! We really do!

First Day At School Versus End Of The Day!

Not More Looking Towards Excitement!

When Finally You See Home!

Solid Effort!

Too Hard To Make A Move For School!

When The Younger One Is Not So Excited Than The Elder One!

First Day Of School When Makes You Feel Like Why Are You Even Born!

First Day Vs Second Day!

Seems It Was A Hard Day!

This What First Day Should Be Like!

It Was A Rough Day For Them!

For Him As Well!

Kindergarten Comes In With A Tko!


And Finally When Weekend Arrives!1

Looks Like His First Day At KG Didn’t Go Well!

At least, It Went Good For One Of Them!

Kindergarten Is Rouuuuggghh!

That After School Looks! Damn!

And Finally Done With The First Day!