Kidnapped 12-Year-Old Girl Chews Through Restraints To Escape And Lead Police To Captor

Since then, she’s been called a “hero” and her escape led to Jose Paulino Pascual Reyes’s arrest. The 37-year-old was found with two decomposed body.

The motorist noticed the little girl and called the authorities immediately. Court documents state that the girl was forcefully tied to a bed for almost a week and was allegedly drugged with alcohol.

Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett stated that they stood behind the court affidavit, which allowed Pascual-Reyes to be arrested for first degree kidnapping.

Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abbett. Credit: NewsNation

Abbett took over a press conference post-arrest, in which he stated, “Yesterday around 08:26, our offices received a call about a young female juvenile walking in the roadway near 3547 County Road 34. I believe most of you have been to this scene.

During our initial investigation, we were able to acquire the necessary information to be able to arrest Jose Paulino Pascual Reyes at the same address on County Road 34.

He was being held for kidnapping in the first degree. And later he was arrested in Auburn and Somerville circle, by the Marshall Service as well as the Auburn Police Department.

During the overnight investigation of the residence, we found two decomposed bodies. They are currently being examined by the department of forensic sciences in the hope of identifying the victims.”

A kidnapped 12-year-old girl in Alabama was forced to chew her way free from restraints as she reportedly escaped capture. Credit: NewsNation

He added, “I would say that she’s a hero and it is one of those things we want to get into until the latter. We gave her medical attention, and she has been safe. So we want to keep that going.”

Abbett confirmed that the girl was not considered missing and kept her identity safe for family members and herself.

Pascual-Reyes also declined to comment on the relationship Pascual and the minor had, and said, “We aren’t at the stage to release that relationship.”

“We don’t want to interfere with what is happening behind the scenes.”

District Attorney Jeremy Duerr. Credit: NewsNation

District Attorney Jeremy Duerr stated: “At the moment we’re looking into multiple counts of capital killing, along with the kidnapping of the first degree. Once we finish our investigation. I am certain that many more charges will follow.”